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We Supply Commercial LED Lighting for Electricians, Manufacturers, Designers and Electrical Contractors.

LED Flex Strip

The low voltage SuperBright, dimmable Flex Strips and RGB Strips. Ideal for cove lighting, under counter lighting, Architectural decorative lighting and much more!

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LED Power Supply

Low voltage Class 2 Power supplies, Magnetic dimmable power supplies, LED Drivers, Electronic 12V and 24V power supply.

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RGB Color Changing

Need to control your color?
Color changing LED Strips, DMX Decoders, Wireless controllers and RGB Wall washers.

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LED Strip Aluminium Channel

The Aluminium profiles with a several varieties of diffusers lens to choose from to create that sleek and unique designs while reducing spotting of LEDs lighting!

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LED Bars

Easy to install and extend makes this ideal LED lighting for Cove lighting, under counter lighting and many other applications. Available in single color and RGB color changing.

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LED Grow Light

Light Spectrum optimized LED Grow lights for use in horticulture applications where lighting needs to be precisely directed for optimal plant growth.

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LED Sign Lighting & Back Lights

LED Sign Lighting, LED back lighting. Side lighting and box lighting.

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LED Dimmer Components

Control your LED lighting with our wireless and 0-10V low voltage dimmers, switches and motion sensor switches.

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LED Commercial Lighting

Collection of DLC listed High Bay, Corn light and Wall washers. Environmentally preferable, cost-effective, maintenance-free Industrial and Commercial lighting.

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Featured Products

60W 24VDC Class 2 LED Dimmable Driver MD-024-060VT

Wide Standard Aluminium Channel AC-AS3-1M

200W 24VDC Class 2 LED Power Supply XLD200B-224V-FC

5CH DMX512 8-16 bit Color Decoder Pro Series H-DMX2108A-5M-3

About Us

Founded in 1995, LED World is an OEM of LED strip lighting, sign modules, dimmable and regulated Class 2 Power supplies. We supply Electricians, Designers, Electrical Contractors and Manufactures of quality and innovative commercial lighting products. We have a wide range of RGB color changing LED Strips, aluminium profiles, DMX wall washers and color controllers for interior and exterior applications. Most of our products are UL or Intertek listed.


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