• RGBW LED Sign Modules RGB-C02

    Product Description

    Revolutionize your signage with our advanced RGBW LED Sign Modules. These modules offer an easy and versatile installation solution for channel lettering signs and backlight applications, allowing them to fit seamlessly in various shapes and around objects. With their exceptional features and durability, these modules are designed to elevate your signage to new heights.

    Each RGBW LED Sign Module is carefully sealed to meet the IP65 standard, ensuring its resilience and durability. This makes the modules suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, withstanding the elements and providing reliable performance in any location.

    What sets our RGBW LED Sign Modules apart is the addition of a Warm White (3000K) Chip. This unique feature expands the color spectrum, resulting in better whites and enhanced overall color quality. You can achieve stunning visual effects and vibrant signage with these modules.

    Our RGBW LED Sign Modules are designed for ultimate convenience and performance. They operate at 12 volts DC, ensuring low voltage usage and energy efficiency. These modules feature Epistar LEDs made in Korea, guaranteeing high-quality illumination and longevity.

    Installation is a breeze with our RGBW LED Sign Modules. They can be easily cut to size by electricians, allowing for precise customization and seamless integration into your signage. The modules are designed to withstand a wide operating temperature range of -20°C to 45°C, ensuring reliable performance in various environments.

    With a long lifespan of 42,500 hours and 70% light output, our RGBW LED Sign Modules offer a virtually maintenance-free lighting solution. You can enjoy years of brilliant illumination without the hassle of frequent replacements.

    The water-resistant IP65 case ensures protection against moisture, making these modules suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. Whether it’s rain, snow, or humidity, these modules will continue to deliver exceptional lighting performance.

    Our RGBW LED Sign Modules feature an adhesive back and are screw mountable, providing flexible installation options. With the peel-and-stick design, you can easily attach the modules to your signage, ensuring a secure and hassle-free installation process.

    Upgrade your signage with our RGBW LED Sign Modules and experience the transformative power of versatile and vibrant lighting. With their remarkable features, energy efficiency, and durable construction, these modules are the perfect choice for achieving captivating and impactful signage. Enhance your brand’s visibility and make a lasting impression on your audience with our RGBW LED Sign Modules.

    Color control options are available with LED World’s DMX controllers and RF color controllers for color changing sign letters.

    RGBW LED Sign Modules Applications

    Ideal for outdoor or indoor use such as in signs
    Color Changing back lighting for Signage Letters or Channel Letter Lighting
    UL recognized sign component

    RGBW LED Sign Modules Features

    Available in 12 volts DC
    Epistar LED Made in Korea
    Low voltage, energy-efficient, virtually no maintenance
    Can be cut to size (by electricians)
    Operating temperature: -20°C ~ 45°C
    Long life span of LED lights, 42,500 hours with 70% light output
    Water resistant IP65 case
    Adhesive back & screw mountable. Peel & stick

    Technical Specifications

    Max voltage12 VDC
    Wattage0.96 each Module
    Current80 mA/module
    Set Length13.77ft (4.2m) / 30 Modules
    Watt/set28.8W (30 Modules)
    Dimensions61(L) x 16(W) x 9.5(H)mm (2.40″ x 0.62″ x 0.37″)  Each Modules
    Connector5 Pigtail Wire (at each end)
    LEDs Type5050 SMD RGBW Chip
    LED Angle160°
    Lamp life42,500 hours estimated average
    IP RatingIP65 (not including connection)
    Brightness36.4 LM Module (All On)
    Modules/Set30 per pack, 85mm (3.34”) wire spacing
    Max Run30 Modules (2.4A) by wire (20 AWG)

    Power Supplies

  • New

    60W 12VDC Class 2 Non Dimmable LED Driver MD-012-060VWJV2

    Max Continuous Load60 W
    Voltage12 VDC Output / 100~277 VAC Input
    Power Supply TypeNon Dimmable Class 2 (Indoor/Outdoor use)
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  • New Sale!

    180W 12VDC Class 2 Non Dimmable LED Driver MD-012-180VWJ2V2

    Max Continuous Load180W (3 Tap x 60W)
    Voltage12 VDC Output / 100~277 VAC Input
    Power Supply TypeNon Dimmable Class 2 (Indoor/Outdoor use)
    Original price was: $169.00.Current price is: $149.00.
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  • Value line Controllers

  • RGB-W Multi-Zone Remote Controller FUT089 for LS2

    FUT089 Multi-Zone (8 zones) RGB-W LED remote controller with RF 2.4GHz. It covers distance upto 22.8m (75 feet) clear line of sight. Works with our LS2 Color Receiver.

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  • RGBW LED Receiver LS2 featuring Mesh Network

    LS2 is the 5 in 1 (RGB, RGBW, CCT, RGB+CCT and single color)  color receiver can control RGB LED Flex Strips of either 12 or 24VDC.  The LS2 controller features auto-transmitting and auto-synchronizing function with brightness, CCT, RGB, RGBW and RGB+CCT output mode.

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  • Master Color Controllers

  • DMX Touch Panel RGB/RGBW LED Master Controller HUEDA LW-2812WI

    HUEDA™ multi-zone DMX Touch Panel Master Color controller features easy to touch and control colors, brightness and color changing speed effects.

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  • DMX Color Master Controller HUEDA™ Hub H-2818WIN

    The H-2818WIN HUEDA™ Hub (master) is a Wi-Fi/RF color controller that allows you to control color changing of RGB and RGBW LED Lighting through DMX standard or wireless HUEDA RF color receivers.

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  • Color DMX Decoders

  • New

    100W 24VDC Class 2 LED Driver With DMX Decoder – LW-24100-5C-ADJ

    Max Continuous Load100 W
    Voltage24 VDC Output / 100~277 VAC Input
    Rated Current4.16A
    Power Supply TypeDMX512 Class 2 (Indoor/Outdoor use)
    Built in DMX512 decoder
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  • LT-995: 5-Channel DMX Decoder & Zone Controller for RGBW LED Lights

    DMX Decoder for use with RGB low voltage LED Strips, bars and other low voltage LED RGB lighting. Set DMX decoder to desire channel (address) to control one or many zones (to control multiple RGB strips). Converts analog signal to universal standard DMX512/1990. Uses 5 channels 256 shades of brightness.

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  • 32 Channel DMX/RDM LED Decoder: Ultimate Control for Professional Lighting

    DMX Decoder for use with Single color, CCT, RGB and RGBW low voltage LED Strips, bars and other LED lighting fixtures. Set the DMX decoder to desired channel (address) to control one or more zones (to control multiple RGB/W strips as one). Uses 32 channels with 65536 levels grey scale output per channel. 

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  • DMX512 Signal Amplifier/Repeater – SR-2100AMP

    SR-2100AMP is a DMX512 signal amplifier complies with standard protocol DMX512 (1990). With DMX signal input and DMX signal output, the signal amplifier works with DMX decoder to expand DMX signals in parallel up to 100m (328ft) range.

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  • Product Accessories

  • RGBW 2464 Wire – 16.4ft (5m) length

    Low voltage 20 Gauge / Meter cord. Comes in 16.40 feet length. RGBW Power cord with pigtail wires on both ends

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