• RGB LED Mini Stairs Light – ALED-RD12H-1.2W-RGB

    SKU: ALED-RD12H-1.2W-RGB

    Product Description

    The Mini RGB LED Stairs Light is a versatile lighting fixture designed for various color changing applications, particularly for step, deck, and outdoor areas. It features a 1.2W RGB LED with a lens, providing efficient and focused illumination. The inclusion of multiple trim options allows for flexibility in recessed installation, ensuring a seamless fit in background different settings.

    It comes with black metal trim. Other optional trims comes in white, brushed nickel, and brushed copper color options to cater to different aesthetic preferences and design themes. This allows users to customize the appearance of the fixture to suit their specific needs and blend it seamlessly with their existing decor.

    The IP67 rating indicates that the Mini RGB LED Stairs Light is durable and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. An IP67 rating means that the fixture is dust-tight and can withstand being submerged in up to one meter of water for a limited time, making it ideal for outdoor installations where exposure to environmental elements is expected.

    Overall, this lighting fixture provides a reliable and visually appealing solution for illuminating steps, decks, and outdoor areas while maintaining its functionality and aesthetics in various settings.

    Note: Only Power with listed Class 2 drivers in a power supplies tab.

    RGB LED Mini Stairs Light Features

    Available in various optional color finishes
    Uniform luminance even lighting
    Rated for indoor/outdoor applications
    45° viewing angle
    50,000+ hr lifetime
    3 Year Limited Warranty
    Sleek thin look

    Technical Specifications

    VoltageDC 12V
    Watts1.2 W
    Lumens90 Lumens
    ColorRGB Color changing
    Sizeф 27 x H 29 mm (1.06″ x 1.14″)
    CRI >80
    Beam Angle45°
    Trim ColorBlack (optional White/Brushed Nickle / Brushed Copper)
    IP RatingIP67
    Environment TempMax 45°C (113°F) Indoor/Outdoor use

    Power Supplies

  • New

    60W 12VDC Class 2 Non Dimmable LED Driver MD-012-060VWJV2

    Max Continuous Load60 W
    Voltage12 VDC Output / 100~277 VAC Input
    Power Supply TypeNon Dimmable Class 2 (Indoor/Outdoor use)
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  • New Sale!

    180W 12VDC Class 2 Non Dimmable LED Driver MD-012-180VWJ2V2

    Max Continuous Load180W (3 Tap x 60W)
    Voltage12 VDC Output / 100~277 VAC Input
    Power Supply TypeNon Dimmable Class 2 (Indoor/Outdoor use)
    Original price was: $169.00.Current price is: $149.00.
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    Rated Current4.16A
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    Built in DMX512 decoder
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  • Product Accessories

  • Stairs Light Trim and Scoop

    Stairs Light trim and and surface mount ring for LED Mini Stairs Light – ALED-RD12H-1W-X. Comes in 3 color options White, Brushed Nickle and Brushed Copper.

    $4.50 Select options
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