• Water Resistant Pink LED Strip Light HH-S2835P-60-24-5M-PINK

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    Product Description

    Water Resistant Pink LED Strip light with clear Nano coating that protects the LED in damp and wet environments (Indoor only). LED Flex Strip Triple Bright Series is a low voltage (24VDC) LED lighting in a flexible ultra sleek thin PCB strip. 24V Triple Bright LED Flex Strip roll comes in 2 x 2.5 meters (8.2 feet) long . Pink LED Strip is ideal for long runs of LED lighting in applications where only pink color longer runs of LED lighting needed. Includes 3M tape backing for easy installation.

    Our Flex Strips come with easy connector wires to enable easy connection to the Class 2 LED Power supply. Easily mount Triple Bright LED Strip into LED World’s optional Aluminum Channel profiles. Its small size and low voltage makes this lighting ideal for a wide range of applications. Strip can be cut to size by at each 6 LED (24VDC) intervals at marking points.

    24V Triple Bright Pink LED Strip roll comes in 2pcs of 2.5 meter (8.2 feet) long strip.

    Note: This product requires an optional Class 2 regulated Power Supply (not included).


    Low power consumption and little heat generated
    Nano Coated (Parylene Conformal Coating)
    Can be cut to length at marked intervals for custom shapes and sizes
    IP64 rated for use in damp/wet locations (indoor) use.

    Technical Specifications

    Roll Size2 pcs of 2.5 meter (8.2ft) Grow strip
    Max Voltage24 VDC (regulated)
    Watt foot3.7 Watts
    Max Current0.54 Amps/Meter
    Light Source60pcs/meter (39.37″) 2835 SMD RRRB LED
    Dimensions5000(L) x 10(W) x 1(H)mm (16.4′ x 0.39″ x 0.039″)
    Max Length5 Meters (16.4 feet)
    LED Angle120°
    Bend Radius4 inches (100mm) Max. one flat plane
    Lamp Life>25,000 hours estimated average*
    IP RatingIP64 Water Resistant (Indoor use)
    MountSmooth Clean Surface – burrows free (ambient temperature)
    Operating Environment-25°C ~ +40°C (-13°F ~ +104°F)

    LED Drivers

  • New Sale!

    96W 24VDC Class 2 Non Dimmable LED Driver MD-024-096VWJV2

    Max Continuous Load96 W
    Voltage24 VDC Output / 100~277 VAC Input
    Power Supply TypeNon Dimmable Class 2 (Indoor/Outdoor use)
    Original price was: $98.00.Current price is: $88.00.
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  • 96W 24VDC Class 2 LED Power Supply with Plug YHY-24004000

    Max Continuous Load96 W (77 W continuous)
    Voltage24 VDC Output / 120 VAC Input
    Power Supply TypeRegulated Class 2 (Indoor use)
    Comes with barrel connector for easy plug in and connect
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  • Aluminum Channel

  • Aluminum Channel Standard AC-1707

    Available Lengths1 meter(3.28ft), 2 meter(6.56ft)
    Size17.5mm (0.68″) x 7mm (0.27″)
    Included ItemsOpaque lens, Mounting clip pair, End cap pair
    Lens meets UL V-0 standard.
    $7.75$15.50 Select options
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  • Wide Standard Aluminum Channel AC-2310

    Available Lengths1 meter (3.28ft), 2 meter (6.56ft)
    Size23.5mm (0.92″) x 11mm (0.43″)
    Included ItemsOpaque lens, Mounting clip pair, End cap pair
    $11.75$23.50 Select options
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  • Corner Round Aluminum Channel AC-LA01

    Available Lengths1 meter (3.28ft), 2 meter(6.56ft)
    SizeW 16mm (0.62″) x H 16mm (0.62″)
    Included ItemsOpaque lens, Mounting clip pair, End cap pair
    $11.50$19.00 Select options
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  • Aluminum Recessed Channel AC-AR1-XM

    Length1 meter (3.28ft), 2 meter (6.56 feet)
    Size17.1mm x 8.6mm (0.67″ x 0.33″)
    Included ItemsOpaque lens, End cap pair
    $11.50$23.00 Select options
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  • Drywall Aluminum LED Channel AC-501520-2M

    Lengths2 meter (6.56ft)
    Included ItemsOpaque lens
    Note: Purchase requires minimum 5 qty
    $27.25 Select options
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  • Round Aluminum LED Channel AC-R008

    Lengths1 meter (3.28ft), 2 meter (6.56ft)
    Size ø 20.8mm
    Included ItemsOpaque lens, Mounting clip pair, End cap pair
    $15.75$31.50 Select options
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