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Easy to use, connect and mount LED lighting accessories

Wall Mount Junction Box for Touch Color Controller

180 degree coupler AC-L016-180 for Corner Cove Aluminium Profile connects two Corner Cove profile in series at 180 degree.

6-ways low voltage distributor UL listed 20AWG cable. 6 Way distributor cable comes in 1M(3.28ft) with connector end and 2M(6.56ft) with pigtail end.

90 degree connector AC-L016-90 for Corner Cove Aluminium Profile connects two Corner Cove profile in perpendicular at 90 degree angle.

Mounting Clip with adjustable angle. Comes in pair.


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Angle Mounting Clips for Seamless LED Bar mounting. Angle Mounting Clips (LB-HS-PD30-AMC) allow 15° and 45° LED Bar installation.

Brace AC-31202B will join two AC-31202 Aluminum channels, Includes two mounting clips with screws and a metal brace 

Cable type connector with pigtail wires for Flex RGB LED Rope Light

Wall Mountable Mounting clip(1pcs) for LED Closet Aluminium Channel.

Double Cable Connector for Flex RGB LED Rope Light

Wall Mountable End cap(1pcs) for LED Aluminium Channel Rod

End Cap for Seamless LED Light Bar. (included with LED seamless Bar)

End Cap pairs (AC-L016-EC) for Corner Cove Aluminium Profile.

End Cap pairs (AC-R008-EC) for Round Aluminium Profile.

End Cap (Without Hole) and front cap with hole for wire., For use with the Standard Wide Channel


End Cap and front cap with hole for wire, For use with the Recessed Channel


LED power connectors make it easy to your extend power supply connections and joints. Ideal for Single color, RGB and RGBW LED lighting applications.

About Us

Founded in 1995, LED World is an OEM of LED strip lighting, sign modules, dimmable and regulated Class 2 Power supplies. We supply Electricians, Designers, Electrical Contractors and Manufactures of quality and innovative commercial lighting products. We have a wide range of RGB color changing LED Strips, aluminium profiles, DMX wall washers and color controllers for interior and exterior applications. Most of our products are UL or Intertek listed.


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