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LED Grow Light

LED light Spectrum optimized LED Grow light for use in horticulture applications where lighting needs to be precisely directed for optimal plant growth.

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    120W LED Grow Light Panel C-4

    Spectrum Full Spectrum
    LED Channels Veg / Blooming
    IP Rating IP54 Damp location use
    Dimensions 291L x 291W x 70H mm (11.4″L x 11.4″W x 2.7″H)
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    300W LED Grow Light Panel C-9

    Spectrum Full Spectrum
    LED Channels Veg / Blooming
    IP Rating IP54 Damp location use
    Dimensions 421L x 421W x 70H mm (16.5″L x 16.5″W x 2.7″H)
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    480W LED Grow Light Panel C-16

    Spectrum Full Spectrum
    LED Channels Veg / Blooming
    IP Rating IP54 Damp location use
    Dimensions 555L x 555W x 70H mm (21.4″L x 21.4″W x 2.7″H)
  • Water Resistant LED Grow Strip Light HH-S2835P-60-24-5M

    Watts 3.7 watts/ft
    Length 8.2 feet x 2pcs (5 meters total)
    Certifications cULus, RoHS, CE
    IP Rating IP64 Water-resistant Nano Coated
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  • LED Grow Strip Triple Bright FA60M50-5M-24V-X-GROW

    Brightness 398~418 lm/ft Triple Bright
    Length 16.4 feet (5 meters)
    Certifications cULus, RoHS, CE
    IP Rating IP22 Indoor Type A
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  • Horticultural LED Grow Tube LX-GLT10-HW-14B

    Horticultural LED Grow tube uses a high efficient spectrum optimized horticulture LEDs in a thin T8 profile that is ideal for Micro greens and seedlings.

  • LED Grow Strip Plant Light

    Brightness 396~418 lm/ft Triple Bright
    Length 16.4 feet (5 meters)
    Certifications ETL, RoHS, CE
    IP Rating IP64 Waterproof Type C
    Rated 5.00 out of 5
    $116.00 Out of Stock More Info »
  • Full Spectrum LED Horticultural COB

    Input Voltage 120VAC
    Power Consumption 100W / 1.2A
    Dimension L 70mm x W 51mm (L 2.75″ x W 2.00″)
  • The Super Bright LED Grow Light features LED technology that has an optimised light spectrum for plants. Ideal LED Grow light suitable for all stages of plant growth, especially the vegetative and flowering stage. LED Grow Light can be used as a primary lighting or as a supplemental lighting source or supplemental lighting in dark areas in an indoor grow room environment. LED Grow strip™ comes in 24VDC and produces very little added heat, reducing the cost of cooling. This saves energy over standard HPS lighting solutions and reduces cost of operations in indoor grow operations.

    With conventional indoor lighting such as Metal Halide, compact fluorescent and LED, the rigid light fixture is on the top of the plant projecting the lighting down onto the plant with great light loss and light efficiency at the side and bottom of the plant. However with the LED Grow Strip™ can shape around a plant to deliver lighting in all areas with the optional Bendable Aluminium Channel and Linear adjustable Channel system. The strip can be cut at marked intervals and shaped to create different grow structures for side lighting plant material. This delivers maximum power and precise lighting to areas that are difficult to reach with traditional light fixture.

    About Us

    Founded in 1995, LED World is an OEM of LED strip lighting, sign modules, dimmable and regulated Class 2 Power supplies. We supply Electricians, Designers, Electrical Contractors and Manufactures of quality and innovative commercial lighting products. We have a wide range of RGB color changing LED Strips, aluminium profiles, DMX wall washers and color controllers for interior and exterior applications. Most of our products are UL or Intertek listed.


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