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low voltage led dimmer

Lutron DVLV-600P Magnetic Dimmable Switch easily turn the lights on, off and dim. While the lights are on, use the sleek slide control to adjust lights to your perfect level.

Max Voltage12V~24VDC (Class 2 regulated)
Output1 channel 30-Amps (peak)
DimensionL 86 x W 60 x H 35 mm (3.46″ L x 2.36″ W x 1.37″ H)
Brightness0% to 100%

0-10V Preset Dimmers feature a low-profile fluid slide bar movement for fine adjustment of light levels that’s accompanied by an easy-to-use ON/OFF preset switch. Controls our low voltage Dim modules (SLD-DIM-1B or NWO-D02FP).

Input Range8-30 VDC
Input Current5.1A max
Output Freq1kHz PWM
Output Current 5.1 max at full load


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0-10V Wireless LED Controller/Dimmers provides ultra smooth dimming performance through all light levels.