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LED Dimmer Components and Switches

Low Voltage LED Dimmers & Switches

0-10V low voltage dimmer, dimmer modules, magnetic dimmable switch, Human Body sensor switch. Compatible with our dimmable series LED drivers.

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Wireless LED Dimmers & Switches

Control your lighting from anywhere in the room with our wireless Dimmers and Battery less Switches

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Are you looking for easy to dimming solution for your LED Light strips? We have the right solutions from at LED World Lighting.

There are two ways to dim your LED Light strips; one is the old school way of line voltage dimming where one would use our UL listed Electronic Dimmable LED Transformer (Class 2 LED drivers) that is dimmed VIA TRIAC dimmer switches. This method is most preferred by electricians since most of the existing wiring makes this set up easy.

The other method is pulse-width modulation (PWM) that is dimming the low voltage side of non-dimmable, regulated UL listed Class two power supplies such as our XLD series constant voltage LED Drivers. PWM offers very accurate dimming of LEDs but may involve a slightly higher cost to implement.

At LED World Lighting, we have broad range of PWM LED lighting dimmers and Lighting Switch systems that include wireless LED dimmers and switches and low voltage LED dimmers. Our new range of PWM wireless LED dimmers include handheld remote wireless light switch, wireless LED dimming  VIA PWM, wireless dimmer receivers and wireless LED dimming switches. Each wireless switch and dimmer has special functions and features. For wired solutions the LevitonIP710-DLZ dimmer switch works in conjunction with SLD-DIM-1B module for low voltage LED dimmer (12VDC to 24VDC). They are the best solutions available in controlling and dimming of Low voltage LED lighting for your requirements. Call us at LED World for your dimming questions for our LED Lighting.