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RGB Color Changing

RGB LED Wallwasher

RGB LED Wall Washer with High Power LEDs for Indoor/Outdoor use and Color control available via standard DMX or built-in color settings. Features Angle adjustable brackets design with the degrees lens for accurate color and wash on building walls.

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12V and 24V RGB Color Changing LED Strips are flexible strips designed for the color changing applications. Addressable with our optional LED Color controllers and our Class 2 Regulated power supply.

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RGB LED Controllers

RGB LED Controllers for color changing RGB LED Strip and RGB Sign lighting. Easy Multiple zone DMX and RF color control for low voltage LED fixtures.

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Super bright RGB LED colour changing Bars. Ideal for Architectural accent lighting to areas where Colour lighting is needed.

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DMX Color Decoders

Control your color with wired and Wireless DMX options to control multiple zone (areas) through standard DMX Decoders. Commercial DMX color decoders are ideal for use in Stage, theatre, bars, restaurants and many other commercial applications. RGB/W color lighting is made easy with DMX color control system.

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RGB LED Modules

RGB Backlight Modules

Color changing RGB LED Backlight modules are made with durable sealed white plastic housing with excellent heat dispersion and water resistance. Each module consumes low power. Hence, saves energy. In addition, its IP65 construction, durability, and quality components will ensure a long service life.
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