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RGB Color Changing

RGB LED Wallwasher

High powered RGBW LED Wall Washer, designed to bring vibrant lighting solutions to both indoor and outdoor spaces. Equipped with high-power LEDs, this versatile fixture offers exceptional brightness and longevity. With the convenience of color control, you can effortlessly create captivating lighting displays using either the standard DMX interface or the built-in color settings. The angle adjustable brackets, along with the precision-engineered degrees lens, ensure accurate color distribution and optimal wash on building walls. Experience the perfect combination of functionality and creativity with our RGB LED Wall Washer, making your space come alive with stunning colors and dynamic lighting effects.

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RGB and RGBW Color Changing LED flexible strips in 12VDC and 24VDC designed for the color changing applications. Addressable with our optional LED Color controllers and our Class 2 LED power supply.

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RGB LED Controllers

Experience easy multiple zone DMX and RF color control for your low voltage LED color changing fixtures with our RGB LED controllers. Designed specifically for color changing RGB LED strip and RGB sign lighting, our controllers offer convenient and precise control over your lighting system. Whether you're looking for a simple single-zone controller or a more advanced multiple zone controller, we have the perfect solution for you. Our controllers are compatible with various low voltage LED color changing fixtures, making them a versatile addition to any lighting system. Upgrade your lighting system with our RGB LED controllers today and enjoy the convenience and flexibility of controlling your lighting system from a central location.

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DMX Color Decoders

Take full control of your lighting colors using wired and wireless DMX options, allowing you to effortlessly manage multiple zones or areas using standard DMX decoders. Our commercial DMX color decoders are perfectly suited for a wide range of applications, including stage productions, theaters, bars, restaurants, and more. With our DMX color control system, achieving vibrant RGB/W color lighting has never been easier. Experience the convenience and versatility of our DMX solutions for all your commercial lighting needs.

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RGB LED Modules

RGBW Backlight Modules

Color changing RGBW LED Backlight modules are made with durable sealed white plastic housing with excellent heat dispersion and water resistance. Each module consumes low power. Hence, saves energy. In addition, its IP65 construction, durability, and quality components will ensure a long service life.

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