• Architectural NeoFlex LED Strip Light

    Enhance your outdoor perimeter and sign lighting with our cutting-edge Architectural LED Neo-Flex Strip lighting. Designed to provide direct illumination to channel letters, this versatile lighting solution is perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications. Experience exceptional brightness and durability while enhancing the visual appeal of your space. Explore the endless possibilities of our Neo-Flex Strip lighting for an unforgettable lighting experience.
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    24VDC LED NeoFlex RGBW Strip FC84M50-5M-24V-RGBW

    Length16.4 feet (5 meters)
    Volts24 VDC
    LED Type5050 SMD LED
    Flexible and durable LED Architectural lighting product
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  • 24V LED NeoFlex Strip FC120M30-10M-24V-X

    180-220 lm/ft (Bright+)

    Available in White, Yellow, Red, Green, Blue
    Length32.8 feet (10 meters)
    Flexible and durable LED Architectural lighting product
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    24VDC LED Wall Washer Strip FP06

    620~640 lm/ft (Quattro Bright)

    Available in2700K, 3000K, 4000K
    Length6.56 feet (2m) x 3pcs
    $447.00 Select options
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    360° RGB Neo-Flex Color Changing Tube – High Lumen Output, Even Light, Flexible Design

    Length9.84 feet (3 meters)
    View Angle360 degree
    Volts24 VDC
    Flexible and durable RGB LED Strip with 360°light distribution
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  • LED Architectural Flexstrip FC266M20-XM-24V-X

    420-450 lm/ft (Quattro Bright)

    Length16.4 ft (5m)/ 19.6 ft (6m)
    LED Type2016 SMD LED
    $158.00$189.00 Select options
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